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We all know about Command-Tab function on Mac and Alt-Tab on Windows. But what if we have multiple windows of the same application, Safari for example, and want to switch between them?

Command-Tab won’t be of any help as it will give us only one window of each application to deal with.


I guess quite a few people didn’t know this, myself included. You simply press Command~ (tilde). That’s the key just above the Tab key on your keyboard. Sweet and simple.

Another cool thing I figured out while fooling playing around with my Mac. If you are in any cocoa application and select some text, press CommandShiftY and the text is automatically stored in a sticky note on your desktop. A perfect reminder right before your eyes.

Not only this works with the text, but the hyperlinks will be stored as well, which is nice.

Images? Well… yes, see below. I was really surprised to see it capturing an image and also being able to save it.


Another way of capturing the selection is if you click on Application name in the menu bar, select Services and then Make New Sticky Note.

And no, it doesn’t work in Firefox.

Read my earlier article Cool things you can do on Mac for more tips.

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27 thoughts on “More cool stuff on your Mac

  1. Rube says:

    On a German keyboard, you press cmd-< to get to switch document windows. Unfortunately, a few programs, notably Nisus Thesaurus that comes with writer, hijack this and, in Nisus’ case, refuse to change it.

    That’s cool with the stickies; didn’t know that.

  2. Mark says:

    Tilde is not above the tab key on all keyboards. On UK keyboards it is to the left of Z, and works as you described.

    It lookes like this: ~


  3. Guissella says:

    Control + Scroll-Wheel (on your mouse)

    You can zoom in and out by pressing Control and scrolling the wheel on your mouse (scroll up to zoom in, scroll down to zoom out).

  4. matt says:

    I would also like to add that when you are in the cmd-tab menu thing, if you press cmd-q if will quit the application that is highlighted. I love my mac : )

  5. Alex says:

    hey rube, everybody, its really command tab and then “~” is just used to scroll left where as tab is used to scroll right

  6. Jack says:

    Hiya ppl
    wat i dont understand is that if you speak to a apple salesman guy he/she doesnt describe any of the features you guys have said. I bought my mac recently for the media editing programs and certain features, however i didnt know the half of all this. i think its all brilliant and thanks for sharing

  7. odeon says:

    You can drag n’ drop pictures to sticky notes in Leopard, it makes more sense if You copy the text related by the picture by pressing Shift+Apple+Y and then drag a picture itself.
    Thanks for a useful post.

  8. polly says:

    I want to try the command-tilde thing, but I have the Spanish keyboard on my MacBook. Any Idea where I can find a list of the shortcuts on my computer?

  9. Loulabelle says:


    I discovered today that when in a webpage, pressing COMMAND + i will open a new mail message with the entire web page in the mail message.

    COMMAND + Shift + i will open a mail message with the link.

  10. Kage Tora says:

    Tilde on a Japanese keyboard is two keys to the right of ‘0’ (zero). On the same key are ^ and へ. Needless to say, the shortcut didn’t work for me. Oo(>..<)oO

  11. Leigh Kilberman says:

    omggg this is sooo cool..if u press ctrl, alt, command, and 8 all at the same time then ur screen turns negative looking and it awesomeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  12. Jacky Boy says:

    I did the color trick change trick to 4 of the macs at bestbuy then casually walked away this sales guy was freaking out and had to get 2 more people to try and get it off they couldn’t though. Then steve jobs walked in and changed it! lol that was fake! But i got the guy to give me $25 itunes card to fix it so i did!

  13. Megan says:

    In reply to dutta’s comment on Sun 15 February 2009 at 04.02, why don’t you just use the contrast up and down buttons on your keyboard?

  14. NEw MAc uSEr says:

    How funny,

    While reading up on your top things to do on an iMac with the ‘Command+Tab’ function, I pretty much stumbled upon another easy way to access your links you set up at the top of your webpage, underneath your browser. Depending on how many you have and if you remember each one of them numbered from 1 to whatever your last link is, all you have to do is press ‘Command+ (#)’ and up comes the link you had pressed. For instance, if I were to press ‘Command+1’, my very first link at the top will pop-up. If I press ‘Command+2’, the second link will pop up. That’s pretty darn cool!!

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