Apple is NOT removing the touch bar

Many blogs and tech news sites are speculating that Apple is removing the touch bar on their upcoming MacBook Pro 16″ and possibly on the 13″ and the rumoured 14″ machines.

The thing is, Apple is not removing it. Well, they do but they actually don’t.

What I believe Apple is in fact doing is modifying the touch bar so that they will have 12 independent keys, each being a configurable touchbar itself.

In late December 2020 Apple was granted a configurable keyboard patent by the US Patent and Trademark office – 10,877,570

By using this technology Apple will be able to confugure each individual F-key, rather than having the touchbar or fixed F-keys as on the older models. In fact, they could go as far as having all keys on the keyboard configurable, so that the user can change the keybaord layout, language or anything else they wish.

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