Move emails from one Gmail account to another

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After going through internet newsgroups, endless trials and nearly smashed keyboard, I finally managed to move my emails from my Gmail account to a new one. Actually the new one is the GAFYD (Google Applications for your Domain), but it’s the same thing, it works through Gmail interface.

The best of all is that the emails will retain the correct timestamp, so something I have received into my Gmail account on 28/07/2006 will arrive to my GAFYD account with the same date and time on it. Nice!

First, you need to log into your Gmail account and enable POP3 access. Click on Settings, Forwarding and POP and tick Enable POP for all mail.

Now go to your new Gmail (GAFYD) account and click Settings, Accounts, Add another mail account. In the window that opens type your old Gmail address and press Next Step.

You need to fill out the form on the next page by entering your old Gmail account username and password, and select “Other” for POP server, then enter and press Add Account.

The setup will ask you if you would like to use this email address in a way that you are able to send email from your new account as you were sending it from the old one, very handy when replying to some emails sent to the old address. If you select “Yes” you will need to verify your old email address. It’s as simple as receiving a confirmation email and entering the confirmation code into the setup window of the new account.

That’s it! Just sit and wait and your old emails will slowly start popping up in your new Gmail (GAFYD) account after a while. Of course if you have few thousands of them, it may be wise idea to go and do something else for some time while this is being transferred.

Please note that you will not be able to transfer labels that have been applied to the messages on your old account. However, you can generate and automatically apply one for all emails that are coming from the old address.

Since Yahoo! mail also supports POP access, I haven’t tried it but I don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t work with their accounts, or any other POP accounts out there.

46 thoughts on “Move emails from one Gmail account to another

  1. gail depriest says:

    I can’t access the initial gmail account. I have forgotten the password.
    Do I just loose everything? I have set up a second gmail account. Very frustrating. Any ideas?

  2. Jack says:

    Have just switched over to using GAFYD instead of GMail, I’ve had the chance to play about with this. I found that you could actually transfer emails (via pop) from a account to a domain account by using the option.

    However, you cannot change transfer emails from a GAFYD account to another one unless you use the method you have outlined in your post. Rather handy thing to do if spammers get hold of your email address!

    As for gail depriest, I seem to recall having to provide GMail with a secondary email address. Is there a lost password link on the site? They probably will send a new password to that email address.

  3. tien says:

    I was trying to follow your steps but i dont know why it didnt work out for me. When i pressed add an account it said no valid port. Do you know what i should do?

  4. maddy says:

    I tried to move my all mails from one gmail account to another. But i did not see the mails in new mail ID. Could you help me to do this.


  5. Tim says:

    Jim (and OP),

    What if I want to move from one GAFYD user to another (i.e. both within the same overall domain). I can’t see how you’d use the above method because when you create the new account you said it should have the same name as the original account. But that’s not allowed if they’re both within the same overall GAFYD domain.

    Any thoughts?


  6. Ryan says:… that IP gets an error

    There was a problem connecting to
    Server returned error: “Connection timed out”

  7. CreaTek Solutions says:

    Worked great! Thanks for publishing this.

    For those who are having trouble, here are few hints that may (or may not) help:

    In your new gmail account under settings->accounts be sure to add the address to “get mail from other accounts” not “send mail as” — (it won’t hurt anything if you do both though)

    It takes a little bit of time before you see the first email come in – give it up to 15 min. It may take all day to move over 1000 emails or so – you can still use both accounts while you’re waiting.

    Your archived mail will be moved over too but will not be archived again – for this reason you may end up with more conversations in your inbox than you would’ve expected.

    Your conversations may be grouped together a bit differently than before. The most common thing I noticed was that when I had several mails with the same subject that had not previously been grouped together, they would now be grouped together – this may cause you to have fewer conversations than you would have otherwise expected (but the same amount of mail).

    When I did it, the mail remained in my old account as well – (although I think I remember when setting up the account it wouldn’t let me chose the option to leave the email in the old account, but it did it anyway) I wouldn’t be surprised if gmail “fixes” this though.

    Your labels will not be moved over. You can manually add in your labels and filters either before or after you move the emails. If you had applied labels to some emails “by hand” – (without a filter) – you will have to redo those individually or lose them.

    This will not bring your contacts over. That is easy enough to do.
    In your old account click Contacts on the left side.
    In the dialog that comes up click export, follow the directions to save to a gmail format csv file.
    In your new account do the same except this time click import and select the file you just saved.

  8. Jay Gerland says:

    This was a HUGE help for me but after getting “timed out” a few dozen times, I finally tried: with port: 995

    The default POP set up screen was putting in 110 but 995 did the trick.

  9. Booger says:

    I am trying to more emails from a GAFYD to a gmail account and everything I have tried has failed. In my GAFYD I do not have the option to pick other in the POP options.I do have that option in my gmail account.

    Does anyone have any idea how to move these email out of my GAFYD account to my gmail account.


  10. huma says:

    hi there,i did tried this to move all emails from my old gmail account to a new one but after some time it shows this error “Error:Server is unavailable” also when i checked the details it says “Server returned error “Line length exceeded limit: Line too long””.Can anyone solve this problem of mine.Please its urgent as i need to delete my previos gmail account ASAP.I would really appreciate if anyone here can help me out with this problem.Thanks

  11. Julián Rodriguez Orihuela says:

    Ok, to transfer from one Google Apps (GAFYD) Gmail account to another, this worked for me (at least no error showed up… I’ll see if it imports the emails…):

    Username: The full email address
    POP server:, Port: 995

    Check “Use SSL”

  12. Sheldon Gottlieb says:

    I want to move all my archived material in toto from one account to another. Is there a way of doing this without having to do each message individually?

  13. Holly says:

    This is the error I get:

    Server returned error: Connection timed out: There may be a problem with the settings you added. Please contact your other email provider to verify the correct server name and port.

    Any ideas?

  14. Bala says:

    I have a gmail account where all the incoming mails exist both personal and my own business related mails. For better tracking, I wish to keep them separate. I have opened another gmail account for business related mails. How can I transfer from my old account, only the business related mails. In my old account, I have labels to select such mails. I do not wish to transfer ALL the emails from old account to new account.

  15. StephL says:

    For transfer from one Google Apps (GAFYD) Gmail account to another regular gmail account, this worked for me also.

    Username: The full email address
    POP server:, Port: 995

    Check “Use SSL”

    The SSL thing was important for some reason- it didn’t work without that checked.

    Thanks you all!!

  16. Lori says:

    This all worked for me, as in no error messages, except the mail has not appeared?

    Had to use the POP server:, Port: 995 method.

    Any advice?

  17. Michael says: looks like a scam, you just sign up and verify, and then there is nothing, they say they will let you know, I think they just want my e-mail address.

  18. Max says:

    that looks unlikely to be a scam, since it’s highly specific and doesn’t ask for more than your email; i think it is just gathering an estimate of how many people would be interested in the service.

  19. negorv says:

    That way you I’m losing certain things – like saved chats etc. Is there more precise way of transferring whole bunch of mail folders?

  20. Kel says:

    I have a gmail account that was established through my university and therefore the account is actually After following step two, I’ve received an error saying that I can only do this with gmail accounts… any suggestions?

  21. Bug says:

    This was AWESOME help, however Gmail has made some changes since this was originally published, as the process automatically inserts the correct IP address. Dude…thanks a million for get information!

  22. SugarMags says:

    OMG!!! It’s working!!!!! Why doesn’t Google tell people about this! It’s so simple! @dorian, you don’t need a GAFYD account — that’s just a special kind of gmail account. Read the instructions — he says it doesn’t matter if you’re using regular gmail.

    The updated layout of Gmail doesn’t quite follow the same steps as above. I had to first verify the “account add” by clicking a link in an email sent to my old account. Then I had to go to the Settings pane of my new gmail, and add a POP account. That’s where you put in all the settings above. I was able to use and it worked. The interface provides a drop down menu populated with several options….the last one was “other” which I presume would have allowed me to put in the IP address as instructed above. But I decided to try (from the list) and it worked, so all’s good.

    It’s downloading 200 emails every time it tries. It shows around 400+/- emails still waiting every time (there are 1000s in reality) but it does keep going back for more and finding more waiting every time (see the “View History” link where the POP acct is listed). A week or so, and it might get done! But that’s ok, it’s SO worth it. I have been desperate for this solution for ages.

    Thanks Silvermac!!

  23. Jo says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Silvermac!

    Took a couple of tries (be sure not to rush through instructions!) but works fabulously!

  24. Ronak says:

    Good to know this…
    I am one of the developer team member. You can also checkout my very own tool Beyond Inbox to copy/Move mails between two account. It’s Transfer panel facility provides user-friendly way to transfer mails.

  25. Ale says:

    If you only want to move a few messages and have an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch it is very easy to just select the messages and move them from one account to another. Both accounts must be setup in the Mail app in order to be able to move them. Cheers

  26. Will says:

    Trying to transfer from one Google Apps (GAFYD) Gmail account to another regular gmail account. Nothing above has worked. When I add another account in the new gmail account under Settings>Acoounts and Imports, a pop up box opens with a field for the email address. When I enter the old Insitutional Google Apps email address I get the message “Error: You can only grant access to google accounts in the domain ‘”. Any help would be much appreciated.

  27. Will says:

    Similarly when I try and add another account in the Google Apps (GAFYD) Gmail account, I get the message “Error: You can only grant access to google accounts in the same Google Apps organization”

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